Construction company "UGUR 97" was formed in 1997. In the initial period of the activity engaged in building production facilities, offices and shops. Beginning in 1998, the company is actively involved in the construction business in Baku.

The building company Everton has been developing rapidly, having a big practice in realization of housing projects.

AFSAN - Plastic Products. High Quality - Cheap Price!

AF City offers offices for rent in the city center!

Office Building in Nizami street.

Shopping Marketplace for Construction (Raw) Materials, DIY and Home Improvement.

Located in the very center of Baku 16.700 sq.m. Shopping Mall. With GLA 11.900 sq.m. will be a new location Shopping Mall. Shopping Malls main visitors are: Middle Class Population, Families, Kids.

Shopping center AFCOMLAZA " is founded in 2008. For today, "AFCOMPLAZA" is the largest shopping center of home appliances and electronics in region.

Our "AF CENTER" - a place where you will find everything you were looking for. Will not have to go somewhere else. In the future there will be opened theater, exhibition center, conference room for presentations and more.

The complex AQUA PARK, you can enjoy the outdoor cafe and order your own dishes from the menu. Friendly staff, high quality service and the rhythms of music will enrich your holiday.

You wil forget about your problems after visiting awesome water park in Baku, Azerbaijan Aqua Park.

One of the most popular beach resorts of the city, located on Shikhovo. Unlike most beaches, this place is well equipped.

About Company

AF HOLDING consists of immovable property management, building, hotel business companies and enterprises at home and abroad in other word, which takes part in social and cultural area of country economy.
The followings are: AF Building, AF Bank, AF com PLAZA, AF com Centre, AF Mall and Aqua Park - Baku, Aqua Park – Shikhov entertainment and leisure centres, situated by the sea Novkhany AF AguaPark and Hotel as well.
In the pursuance of stable social and economic development AF HOLDING opens new vacancies, develops the social programs providing population employement and carries out the acts of charity on its places as well. Providing with stability and development in many economic spheres the AF HOLDING’s companies are among of leaders forming social and economic landscapes of Azerbaijan.


  • AF Mall
    - 01 January 2022

    AF Mall

    AF MALL has opened in 2012

  • AF Euro Home
    - 01 January 2022

    AF Euro Home

    AF Euro Home has opened in 2013

  • AF Business House
    - 01 January 2022

    AF Business House

    AF Business House has opened in 2013

  • AF com Centre
    - 01 January 2022

    AF com Centre

    The first floor of AF com Centre has been put into service